What This Tracker Tells Us:

The RegPulse interactive data visualization allows researchers and other interested parties to analyze recent and upcoming regulatory changes as they are announced by federal agencies. The visualization uses the RegPulse dataset and allows users to see both past and future regulations that impact specific industries. The specificity of industries can be changed by double clicking on any colored rectangle and can display any level of the North American Industry Classification System. In addition, users can click on any colored rectangle for any industry to display the regulations that will impact the specific industry and that are coming into effect during the specified time period. The default date range shown in the visualization is the most recent six quarters plus the two upcoming quarters. However, the date search range can be adjusted by using the “show filters” dropdown. Another option in the "show filters" dropdown is the agency filter. This filter can be used in conjunction with the industry filter and allows the user to view both past and future regulations from a specific agency.

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